How to Help Children Manage Pressure in Extracurricular Activities

Do your children feel overwhelmed by the pressure to excel in their extracurricular activities? Southbrook Church has created a unique program called the Players Box Movement to help students in grades 2-12 navigate the stress and expectations that come with being involved in various extracurriculars.

Southbrook Church

The Players Box Movement, led by Charlie McMahan, aims to bring back the joy of playing for children who may feel burdened by the need to constantly perform at their best. The program focuses on helping students understand themselves better and develop coping mechanisms to handle pressure in a healthy way.

During the sessions, children are placed in small groups with a coach to discuss how different personality types interact with pressure and stress. By delving into their personality traits, learning styles, and purpose in their activities, children can learn how to positively manage the pressure they encounter.

One success story from the program is Gabe Cupps, an Indiana University Basketball star who found support and guidance through the Players Box Movement. Despite his initial doubts about handling the pressure of being a star athlete, Cupps discovered that with the right tools and mindset, he could thrive in challenging situations.

If you’re a parent or guardian looking to help your child cope with the pressure of extracurricular activities, consider enrolling them in the Players Box Movement at Southbrook Church. With a 94% retention rate, the program has proven effective in supporting students and families through challenging times.

Remember, it’s essential to prioritize your child’s mental and emotional well-being above all else. By equipping them with the tools to navigate pressure and stress, you can help them enjoy their extracurricular activities while fostering a healthy mindset for the future.

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