Hanoi is a city known for its vibrant coffee culture, with countless cafes serving up delicious brews from traditional Vietnamese coffee to trendy espresso drinks. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a cozy spot to relax, Hanoi has a coffee shop for everyone. Here are some of the best coffee shops in the city that you shouldn’t miss.

#1. Note Coffee
Located in the heart of the Old Quarter, Note Coffee is a charming cafe known for its unique concept. Customers can write messages on colorful sticky notes and stick them anywhere in the cafe, creating a colorful and eclectic decor. The coffee here is excellent, with a variety of brewing methods to choose from. Don’t forget to try their signature egg coffee, a must-try in Hanoi!

Note Coffee

#2. Cong Caphe
With multiple locations across the city, Cong Caphe is a popular chain of coffee shops that celebrate Vietnamese nostalgia. The retro decor, featuring old propaganda posters and vintage furniture, gives the cafes a unique and cozy atmosphere. The coffee here is strong and flavorful, perfect for those who like their coffee bold and robust.

Cong Caphe

#3. Oriberry Coffee
For those looking for a more sustainable and ethical coffee experience, Oriberry Coffee is the place to go. This social enterprise sources their coffee beans from local farmers in Vietnam’s highlands, ensuring fair trade and quality coffee. The cozy ambiance and delicious organic coffee make Oriberry a favorite among locals and expats alike.

Oriberry Coffee

#4. The Hanoi Social Club
Housed in a beautiful French colonial building, The Hanoi Social Club is a trendy cafe that offers a relaxing escape from the bustling city streets. The menu features a mix of international and Vietnamese dishes, along with a great selection of coffee and cocktails. With live music performances and art exhibitions, this cafe is a hub for Hanoi’s creative community.

The Hanoi Social Club

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking for a cozy spot to hang out, Hanoi’s coffee scene has something for everyone. From quirky cafes with unique concepts to trendy spots with great ambiance, the city’s coffee shops are definitely worth exploring.

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