Chick-fil-A Introduces New Menu Items: Pizza and Antibiotic Policy Update

Chick-fil-A, the popular fast-food chain known for its delicious chicken sandwiches, has surprised its customers with exciting new menu items. The Atlanta-based restaurant is now offering six different pizza pies at its Little Blue Menu in College Park, Maryland. The introduction of pizza is part of Chick-fil-A’s innovative approach to test new menu items separate from its regular offerings.

Chick-fil-A Pizza Menu

In addition to this culinary expansion, Chick-fil-A has also made changes to its antibiotic policy for chicken. Previously committed to using No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) chicken, the restaurant has now shifted to No Antibiotics Important to Human Medicine (NAIHM). This change allows for the use of certain antibiotics for sick animals while still restricting those important for human health.

Customers who have the Chick-fil-A app received a notification about these updates, ensuring transparency with loyal patrons. These changes come as Chick-fil-A aims to maintain a high-quality chicken supply for its customers.

Whether you’re intrigued by the new pizza offerings or interested in the updated antibiotic policy, Chick-fil-A continues to innovate and adapt to meet the needs of its customers. Visit their website for more information on these updates and how they may impact your dining experience at Chick-fil-A.

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