Traffic Chaos on Key Biscayne: Flyover Bridge Closure Leads to Long Delays

Traffic Chaos on Key Biscayne: Flyover Bridge Closure Leads to Long Delays

Key Biscayne drivers were met with chaos and frustration as a flyover bridge closure caused major traffic delays on the Rickenbacker Causeway. The closure, part of a rehabilitation project, has led to hours-long standstills and a wave of complaints from affected commuters.

The closure of the flyover bridge connecting westbound SR 913/Rickenbacker Causeway to southbound SR 5/US 1/South Dixie Highway and northbound SR 9A/I-95 has forced drivers to seek alternative routes, resulting in gridlock and lengthy delays. Many drivers reported being stuck in traffic for hours, with some comparing the situation to being in a parking lot.

As the closure is set to last for approximately two months, drivers are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and expect heavy delays. The Florida Department of Transportation has provided detours for affected motorists, but the impact on traffic flow remains significant.

Local authorities, including Miami Police, have been working to assist with traffic management and alleviate congestion in the area. Despite their efforts, the closure of the flyover bridge has disrupted the daily commutes of countless individuals, leading to frustration and inconvenience.

For more information on the ongoing rehabilitation project and its effects on traffic flow, visit the FDOT website. Stay tuned to local news outlets for updates on the situation and plan your travels accordingly to minimize disruptions.

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