The Perth Wildcats have been busy making changes to their roster ahead of the upcoming NBL season. With the departure of players like Corey Webster and Kyle Zunic, the team has been working to fill key positions and add depth to their squad. Additionally, the triggering of Tai Webster’s contract option has secured an important piece for the team. The Wildcats are reportedly targeting specific types of players to enhance their roster flexibility and competitiveness for the next season.

One significant move made by the Wildcats was releasing Corey Webster after two seasons with the team. Despite his veteran experience and scoring ability, the organization decided to part ways with the guard to make room for new additions. Corey Webster’s departure opens up opportunities for other local stars in the free agency market.

On the other hand, Tai Webster’s contract option was activated, ensuring that the starting five from last season remains intact. With Tai Webster leading the team, the Wildcats are aiming to build on their previous success and make a strong push for the NBL title.

In terms of potential targets, the Wildcats have been linked to players like Mitch McCarron and Tom Wilson as they look to bolster their roster. While missing out on some key signings, the team remains focused on finding the right players to complement their existing core.

As the free agency period approaches, the Wildcats will have the opportunity to sign uncontracted players and continue shaping their roster for the upcoming season. With the league allowing a maximum of three imports per team and 11 contracted players, the Wildcats are strategizing to put together a competitive squad.

Overall, the Perth Wildcats are navigating through roster changes and free agency moves with a clear vision of strengthening their team for the challenges ahead. Fans can expect an exciting and competitive lineup as the Wildcats gear up for another NBL campaign.

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