Top 5 Women’s Basketball Players with the Most 3-Pointers in NCAA Tournament History

Top 5 Women’s Basketball Players with the Most 3-Pointers in NCAA Tournament History
When it comes to long-range shooting in the NCAA Tournament, these five women’s basketball players have left a lasting impact on the game. From record-breaking performances to championship victories, these players have showcased their skills from beyond the arc on the biggest stage in college basketball. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 women’s basketball players with the most 3-pointers in NCAA Tournament history.

First up, we have Caitlin Clark, the rising star from Iowa who recently tied Diana Taurasi’s record for most NCAA Tournament 3-point makes. With her sharpshooting ability and clutch performances, Clark has become a dominant force in this year’s tournament. Her remarkable achievement has put her in elite company, and she is on the verge of making history with one more made 3-pointer.

Next, we have Katie Lou Samuelson, a standout player from UConn who reached the Final Four in all four seasons of her college career. Known for her scoring prowess and three-point shooting, Samuelson made 382 3-point shots during her time in the NCAA Tournament. Her consistent performance on the big stage solidified her legacy as one of the top shooters in women’s college basketball.

Moving on to Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, another UConn player who made a mark in the NCAA Tournament with her sharpshooting skills. Mosqueda-Lewis scored 398 career 3-pointers and nailed 52 3-pointers in NCAA Tournament games. As a three-time national champion and two-time AP All-American, she was a key contributor to UConn’s success during her college career.

Maya Moore, another UConn legend, also deserves a spot on this list for her impressive 3-point shooting in the NCAA Tournament. Moore scored 311 career 3-pointers and made 59 3-pointers in NCAA Tournament games. A four-time AP All-American pick, Moore’s versatility and scoring ability set her apart as one of the all-time greats in women’s college basketball.

Last but not least, Diana Taurasi, a three-time champion and UConn legend, rounds out the top 5 with her exceptional 3-point shooting. Taurasi scored 318 made 3-pointers during her college career and played in 23 NCAA Tournament games. Her sharpshooting and leadership on the court have earned her a place among the greatest players in NCAA Tournament history.

As we witness the incredible achievements of these players, one thing is clear – their 3-point shooting has revolutionized the game and inspired future generations of women’s basketball players. Whether it’s breaking records, winning championships, or making clutch shots in crucial moments, these players have left a lasting legacy on the NCAA Tournament stage.

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