Jolena Quarzo Represents NC State at World Athletics XC Championships

Jolena Quarzo, a rising star in the world of cross country running, is set to compete at the prestigious World Athletics XC Championships representing NC State and Team USA. The talented freshman has been making waves in the collegiate running scene and is ready to take on the best in the world at this exciting event.

Quarzo has been putting in the hard work and dedication in preparation for the championships, showing her determination and passion for the sport. With her impressive performances throughout the season, she has proven herself to be a formidable competitor and a valuable asset to the team.

As Quarzo gears up for the races ahead, she is grateful for the opportunity to represent her university and her country on the international stage. Her coaches and teammates have been supportive of her journey, and she is eager to make them proud with her performances at the championships.

Join us in cheering on Jolena Quarzo as she competes at the World Athletics XC Championships and shows the world what she is capable of. Let’s show our support for this talented athlete as she takes on this exciting challenge!

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