Wayzata’s Jackson McAndrew has been making headlines as Minnesota’s Mr. Basketball. The 6-9 senior forward recently wrapped up his high school career with an outstanding performance on the court. McAndrew, who is committed to Creighton for college, averaged an impressive double-double of 23.7 points and 10.1 rebounds per game for the Trojans. He also contributed 2.1 assists per game, showcasing his all-around skills as a player.

In a standout moment, McAndrew scored a career-high 40 points in a crucial game against Hopkins, leading his team to a convincing victory. His shooting percentages were equally impressive, with a 52% field goal percentage and an 80% free-throw percentage. These statistics highlight McAndrew’s efficiency and scoring prowess on the court.

Despite falling short in the state tournament, McAndrew’s exceptional performance throughout the season earned him the title of Mr. Basketball in Minnesota. This prestigious award recognizes the best senior high school boys basketball player in the state, cementing McAndrew’s legacy as a top talent in Minnesota basketball.

In addition to his individual achievements, McAndrew was among five finalists for the award, showcasing the high level of talent in Minnesota high school basketball. His commitment to Creighton for college sets the stage for the next chapter in his basketball journey, where he will continue to showcase his skills at the collegiate level.

As McAndrew looks ahead to the future, his impressive high school career and recognition as Mr. Basketball solidify his status as a true basketball star. With a strong work ethic, talent, and dedication to the game, McAndrew has a bright future ahead in the world of basketball.

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