Softball Dominates Georgetown with Perfect Game Performance

The Creighton University Athletics team put on a stellar performance as they secured an 8-0 win over Georgetown in just five innings. Junior pitcher Kenzie Schopfer made history by pitching a perfect game, the first for the Bluejays since 2006. The team’s flawless execution on both offense and defense left Georgetown struggling to keep up.

Softball Team Celebrating Victory

Coach Smith praised the team’s relentless determination and teamwork, highlighting Schopfer’s exceptional pitching skills that shut down the Georgetown lineup. The victory marked a significant milestone for the Bluejays, showcasing their dominance on the field and solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in the league.

Kenzie Schopfer Pitching a Perfect Game

The offensive lineup displayed impressive power and precision, with key players delivering crucial hits and runs to secure the lead. The team’s cohesion and chemistry were on full display, with each player contributing to the overall success of the game.

Creighton Softball Team Celebrating Victory

Overall, Creighton University’s softball team’s performance against Georgetown was nothing short of perfection. The team’s dedication and hard work paid off, showcasing their potential for a successful season ahead. #CreightonSoftball #PerfectGame #Victory