Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines Merger: DOJ’s Review and Agreement

The merger between Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines has been under scrutiny by antitrust regulators, leading to a delay in the review process. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has requested additional time and information to thoroughly examine the proposed takeover of Hawaiian Airlines by Alaska Airlines. As a result, the two carriers have agreed to extend the DOJ’s window for review by another 90 days. This additional extension comes after a previous request for more information and documentary material on the merger.

Aviation analysts believe that the DOJ’s decision to prolong the review process is not necessarily a negative sign but rather an indication of their commitment to conducting a thorough examination of the deal. Both airlines have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the DOJ and provide any necessary information to facilitate the review process.

The 90-day clock for the review process has now started, triggering once both parties have substantially complied with the DOJ’s second-round request for more details. Despite the delay, both Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines remain optimistic about the outcome of the merger and are dedicated to working towards finalizing the deal.

The DOJ’s stance on airline mergers has been strict in recent times, as evidenced by their actions against other proposed mergers in the industry. It is crucial for both carriers to adhere to regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with antitrust laws to secure approval for the merger.

Overall, the agreement between Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and the DOJ highlights the complexities involved in mergers within the aviation industry. As the review process continues, both airlines remain committed to the merger and are focused on creating a more competitive and financially stable entity once the deal is finalized.

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