Mayor disappointed by lack of planning grant for Whitby hospital in Ontario budget

Mayor Elizabeth Roy of Whitby has voiced her disappointment at the 2024 Ontario budget for not including a planning grant for the much-needed hospital in the town. Despite the ongoing efforts to secure funding for the hospital, the budget failed to address this crucial issue, leaving the community frustrated and concerned about their healthcare future.

Mayor Roy highlighted the urgency of the situation, noting that the town has been waiting for the planning grant for three consecutive budgets without any success. The lack of progress in securing funding for the new hospital has raised doubts among residents and officials alike about the government’s commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure in the region.

In response to the budget announcement, Mayor Roy and other local officials have launched a community advocacy campaign to raise awareness about the need for a new hospital in Whitby. Thousands of residents have joined the campaign, signing a call-to-action letter and sharing personal stories about the importance of accessible healthcare services in the town.

Despite the setbacks, Mayor Roy remains hopeful that the province will eventually allocate the necessary funding for the planning grant. She emphasized the critical role of the new hospital in supporting the town’s growing population and addressing the increasing demand for healthcare services in the region.

As the community continues to push for funding, Mayor Roy urges the government to prioritize the construction of the new hospital and ensure that residents have access to quality healthcare facilities in the town. With ongoing efforts and support from local officials and residents, Whitby remains committed to securing the future of healthcare in the region.

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