Get ready EastEnders fans, as Nadine Keller is set to make a return to the show this spring. Played by Jazzy Phoenix, Nadine will reappear in upcoming episodes alongside Jay Brown. Nadine was last seen on the show in September and October last year, where she formed a unique connection with Jay during his grieving period for his late wife, Lola.

During her previous stint on the show, Nadine became Jay’s non-sexual sleeping companion, providing him with comfort and support during a dark time in his life. Their relationship took a dark turn when Jay started to mimic Nadine’s behavior, leading to concerns from his loved ones.

Now, Nadine’s return to Albert Square will surely shake things up for Jay once again. What will her reappearance mean for Jay and how will it impact his ongoing storyline? Fans can expect to see Jazzy Phoenix back on their screens in April, so be sure not to miss out on the drama.

Stay tuned to EastEnders to witness the unfolding of Jay and Nadine’s story as they navigate their complex relationship in the midst of Albert Square’s drama.

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