Lighting a Fire Under People’s Bums: A Path to Continuous Improvement in South Africa

In a recent podcast on Moneyweb, Dr. Miriam Altman highlighted the urgent need for lighting a fire under people’s bums to drive change and improvement in South Africa. Drawing from her experience at Telkom and her work in youth leadership, Dr. Altman emphasized the importance of investing in human capability and quality leadership to bring about meaningful transformation.

One of the key points Dr. Altman raised was the critical role of capability in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and government departments. She stressed the need for high-quality leadership and stable management to drive performance and ensure accountability. Reflecting on her experience at Telkom, Dr. Altman highlighted the impact of a strong board and executive team in turning around a failing company.

Furthermore, Dr. Altman discussed the importance of setting clear performance incentives and goals to motivate employees and drive results. She emphasized the need for a combination of carrots and sticks to encourage performance and ensure accountability. By empowering employees, aligning incentives with results, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, organizations can achieve significant transformation.

In addition to her insights on leadership and capability, Dr. Altman underscored the critical role of digital readiness in South Africa’s future. She highlighted the need for widespread digital connectivity and access to drive innovation, empower individuals, and enhance economic growth. By investing in digital infrastructure and education, South Africa can unlock new opportunities and drive progress in the digital age.

Overall, Dr. Altman’s message resonates with the importance of continuous improvement, quality leadership, and digital readiness in driving change and transformation in South Africa. By lighting a fire under people’s bums and empowering them to drive results, the country can move towards a path of growth, innovation, and success.

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