Lewis Hamilton and George Russell Optimistic About Mercedes W15 Potential

After a difficult start to the 2024 F1 season, Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell remain optimistic about the potential of the team’s new car, the W15. Despite facing tough competition from rivals such as Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren, the drivers believe that there is still much more to come from Mercedes as the season progresses.

In the early races of the season, Mercedes struggled to match the pace of their competitors, with Red Bull and Ferrari taking the top spots on the podium. However, both Hamilton and Russell have seen promising signs from the W15, with the car showing signs of being “genuinely quick” and having “a lot of potential.”

Hamilton, who will be leaving Mercedes at the end of the season, emphasized that the W15 is not as challenging as its predecessors, the W14 and W13. The team has been working hard to understand the car and unlock its full performance potential.

Despite a challenging start to the season, both drivers are hopeful that Mercedes can improve their performance and secure wins and podium finishes in the coming races. With a long season ahead, they are focusing on maximizing the performance of the W15 and closing the gap to their rivals.

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