Lando Norris Jokes About Potential Jump Start at Australian Grand Prix

McLaren driver Lando Norris has joked about the potential of another jump start at the Australian Grand Prix. The young Brit got away with what appeared to be a jump start at the Saudi Arabian GP last time out, having hilariously suggested to Sky Sports’ Rachel Brookes that that’s what he would need to do to get past his competitors. Norris was not penalised for the apparent infringement due to technology within his grid slot not working, and not providing stewards with the information that he had indeed started moving before the lights had gone out. As Norris himself admitted, the slightly early getaway actually hampered his race start, as he had to stop his car before launching into the proper start.

Fast-forward two weeks, and the McLaren driver’s brilliant qualifying performance – mixed with Sergio Perez’s penalty – will see Norris start up in third, behind the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz and the Red Bull of Max Verstappen. Norris has admitted that his team will not be in the fight with the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari, but they may be able to work together in order to challenge for a podium, with Oscar Piastri also starting in fifth.

Asked by Brookes about how he’s going to tackle the start surrounded by the likes of Verstappen, Sainz, and Charles Leclerc, Norris had a brilliant answer. “Not a jump start,” the young Brit quipped, before defending the fact that he didn’t actually get penalised for the potential infringement in Jeddah: “I didn’t jump the start, so, it wasn’t a jump start was it?” “I’m happy with today and tomorrow’s another goal and there are things to work on and prepare for. “Battling against Red Bull and Ferraris is probably going to be a very tough challenge so probably don’t plan on concentrating too much on them but we’re starting ahead of one and if we can finish ahead of however many that’ll be good but yeah probably not our main focus on who we’re battling but I will battle for as long as I need and as long as I think I’m capable of doing so.”

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