Eagles Take Precautionary Measures with Banner to Prevent Injuries

West Coast fans are eagerly anticipating the return of the team’s banner for all home games, but there’s a slight change in how it will be used this season. The player management team at West Coast has decided to take precautionary measures to prevent any potential injuries caused by the crêpe paper banner.

In a unique move, the players will now run through a pre-torn version of the banner, ensuring that they do not run into any paper and can smoothly pass through the ready-made holes. A spokesperson for the team highlighted the importance of player safety, stating, “We are taking every measure to protect our players from any potential harm. Crêpe paper may seem harmless, but we cannot afford to take any risks.”

The decision to use a pre-torn banner comes after a series of injuries during the pre-season and a recent setback with player Oscar Allen in a game against Port. Sources close to the coaching staff have indicated that the team is not yet prepared to face any challenges posed by crêpe paper and will reevaluate the situation mid-season based on the injury list.

Overall, this unique approach to using the banner reflects the team’s commitment to player safety and minimizing risks on the field. Stay tuned for updates on how this precautionary measure plays out throughout the season.

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