The Stressful Health Condition of Huynh Tan Sinh’s Wife – What’s Going on?

The wife of one of the most handsome defenders in Vietnam, Huynh Tan Sinh, had to visit the hospital for a health check-up due to stress. The couple, consisting of Huynh Tan Sinh and his wife, Pham Nguyen Bich Tram, has been receiving a lot of attention from fans, with him being considered one of the most handsome defenders in Vietnamese football and her being a hot girl working at a bank.

After visiting her husband in Hanoi during the 13th round of V.League matches on March 12, Bich Tram, along with Tan Sinh, traveled to Da Nang. During her visit, the 1996-born WAG went for a health check-up, where she revealed issues related to her stomach despite maintaining a proper diet and sleeping schedule. “I am someone who exercises diligently, even if I come home late from work, I still make time for workouts. I eat on time and sleep well, but the problem lies in the stress that is overwhelming me. My mouth may be smiling, but the stress is real,” Bich Tram shared.

This post by Bich Tram has sparked speculation among netizens, wondering about the health issues faced by the wife of the 1998-born defender. Huynh Tan Sinh and his wife, Bich Tram, have decided to move in together by the end of 2023. Despite their busy training schedules, the couple has managed to spend quality time together. Whenever possible, Bich Tram, who hails from Dong Nai, visits her husband in Hanoi, where Tan Sinh is currently playing for CAHN club.

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