Ngọt band announces disbandment, leaving fans shocked and saddened

(NLĐO) – On the evening of March 19th, Ngọt band caused a shock when they officially announced the end of their performances, leaving netizens in disbelief. Ngọt band “Sweet officially ceases performances from today. Thank you very much. A very meaningful journey. We will continue to produce Ngọt’s final album”. The announcement of Ngọt band’s disbandment has left many fans in dismay and sorrow. Prior to this, towards the end of 2023, Ngọt band was still performing together at various events and festivals. Currently, fans are leaving many comments under the post, wondering if Ngọt is really disbanding or not.

Throughout their 11 years of activity, Ngọt band has become a well-known band with high-quality music products, catering to the taste of young music lovers. The group consists of 4 members: Vũ Đinh Trọng Thắng, Nguyễn Hùng Nam Anh, Phan Việt Hoàng, and Nguyễn Chí Hùng. Before releasing their debut album under the same name as the band, Ngọt was already loved by fans through some songs uploaded on YouTube such as “Quan điểm”, “Xanh”, “Cho tôi đi theo”, “Em dạo này”, “Cá hồi”…

In 2017, Ngọt’s live show “Ng`bthg” took place in Hanoi with over 3,000 audience members. The band was honored in the Forbes list of 30 Under 30 Vietnam in 2020. Over more than 10 years of activity, the group has released 4 studio albums including “Ngọt” (2016), “Ng`bthg” (2017), “3” (2019), and “Gieo” (2022). The song “Em dạo này” from the album “Ng`bthg” helped the band win the Contribution Award for “Song of the Year” and “New Artist of the Year”.

Ngọt Band declares “disbandment”, fans in dismay

Band leader Vũ Đinh Trọng Thắng once shared: “We also wanted to stop at one point. But then I told everyone that in music, there will be times of boredom. It is precisely then that we gain more strength, feeling bored but then coming back to music, that is hard work. If someone does music and never gets bored, I think they see music as daily food, like material needs in life, this is not necessarily good”. The disbandment announcement of Ngọt band has caused much regret as Ngọt has long been regarded as a band with a different musical style and unique creativity, loved by young fans. Fans are very concerned about whether the upcoming 2 tours of Ngọt band including “Những thành phố mơ màng” in Hanoi, Danang, HCMC and CAM Gala: “i” in Hanoi, HCMC (introduced in April) will go ahead or not. However, Ngọt band declined to comment on this issue.

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