Learning and Following Uncle Ho’s Example in Chau Phu District

Chau Phu District has been actively promoting learning and following Uncle Ho’s example in the local community. Through practical initiatives, the district has garnered strong support from officials, party members, and the general public, enhancing unity and cooperation in building a prosperous homeland.

Under the guidance of the Standing Committee of the Chau Phu District Party Committee, thorough implementation of Directive 05-CT/TW and Conclusion 01-KL/TW of the Politburo and other party documents have been carried out diligently. Various organizations have successfully developed specific plans in alignment with Uncle Ho’s teachings. Propaganda efforts, showcasing cultural heritage, exemplary individuals, and advanced practices in learning from Uncle Ho have been consistently conducted.

Furthermore, the district’s Party Committee, government, and social organizations have launched vigorous movements to build new rural areas, receiving active participation from the local community. The recent “Learning and Following Uncle Ho” competition, focusing on a specific topic each year, has significantly heightened awareness and responsibility among party members and citizens in adhering to Uncle Ho’s values.

Looking ahead to 2024, the Chau Phu District Standing Committee has set forth plans to further promote learning and following Uncle Ho’s example, emphasizing the theme of caring for people’s livelihood inspired by Uncle Ho and President Ton Duc Thang. The primary goal is to instigate profound changes in the mindset and actions of the entire Party and population, making the pursuit of Uncle Ho’s teachings a voluntary and continuous endeavor.

The Committee directs subordinate organizations to integrate Uncle Ho’s values and President Ton Duc Thang’s ethical principles into their tasks, aligning with the objectives outlined in party resolutions. Additionally, practical activities supporting people’s livelihoods tailored to local realities, such as effective implementation of national target programs for rural development and sustainable poverty reduction, are emphasized.

There are calls for all levels and sectors to uphold individual responsibility in enhancing people’s livelihoods, creating conditions for residents to improve their living standards and contribute to economic growth, social harmony, political stability, and public safety.

To ensure the effective implementation of the 2024 theme, the Chau Phu District Propaganda Committee will lead in organizing a pledge signing conference between the Propaganda Committee and certain district agencies on the topic of caring for people’s livelihoods. The Committee will advise the Standing Committee on reviewing successful learning models in the area to replicate meaningful practices.

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