A picture of a Leagues Cup match

The Leagues Cup is a relatively new soccer tournament that has quickly gained popularity among fans and players alike. Bringing together teams from Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States and Liga MX in Mexico, this competition showcases the best talent in North America. In this blog post, we will delve into the history, format, and impact of the Leagues Cup.

The idea of a tournament involving teams from both MLS and Liga MX had been discussed for years, but the Leagues Cup was officially announced in 2019. Organized by both leagues, the tournament aims to promote the sport and foster stronger relationships between the soccer markets in the United States and Mexico.

The Leagues Cup format consists of 16 teams, with eight teams from each league. The competition takes place during the regular season of each league, ensuring that top teams have the opportunity to participate without impacting their domestic league schedule significantly.

A map of North America, with MLS and Liga MX logos

To determine the participants of the Leagues Cup, a selection process is followed. In MLS, the teams that qualify for the tournament are the best-placed teams from the previous season who did not qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League. Similarly, Liga MX teams are selected based on their previous season’s performance, with the caveat that only teams that did not qualify for the Copa Libertadores or CONCACAF Champions League are eligible.

The tournament is structured in a knockout format, with teams competing in single-legged matches until the final round. The games are distributed between venues in the United States and Mexico, allowing fans from both countries to attend matches in their respective territories. This setup creates a unique atmosphere, as fans bring their traditions and passion to each stadium.

The Leagues Cup has had a significant impact on the soccer landscape in North America. For MLS teams, it provides an opportunity to test themselves against top Liga MX opposition, giving them a chance to gauge their progress against some of the best teams in the region.

Players celebrating a goal in a Leagues Cup match

From a Liga MX perspective, the tournament allows their teams to gauge their level against MLS competition while also providing a platform to showcase their talent to a broader audience. The tournament has contributed to the growth of soccer in the United States and has helped bridge the gap between MLS and Liga MX.

The Leagues Cup has been embraced by fans, who have flocked to stadiums to support their favorite teams. The intense rivalries between MLS and Liga MX clubs add an extra layer of excitement and drama to the matches. Furthermore, the tournament has also attracted numerous television viewers, both in the United States and Mexico, with broadcasters recognizing the potential for increased viewership and advertising revenue.

In conclusion, the Leagues Cup is a tournament that exemplifies the spirit of collaboration between MLS and Liga MX. It provides an opportunity for teams from both leagues to challenge themselves and compete against top-level competition. With its unique format and passionate fanbase, the Leagues Cup promises to be an exciting event for years to come.